PSYC 176: Creativity
UC San Diego


June 2017


Product Developer
UX/UI Designer


Ivana Lee
Lisa Kawada
Brianna Penner
William Songer
Ting-Bang Wu
Youyou Wu

Project Overview

InTENSE is a mobile application that designed to help users manage various forms of chronic pain. It is mainly used to control Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) units, which deliver electrical stimulation to specific pain areas. The app also alllows users to log and track their pain levels, provides pain management advice, and collects health information for users to forward to primary doctors and physical therapists.

This project was completed for the final project of PSYC 176, a Psychology of Creativity class at UC San Diego. We were broadly tasked with developing a solution to a real world issue. I worked with a team of students to formulate product ideas and develop practical solutions for pain management. My specific responsibilities included:

  • Conducting user research, through online surveys, to identify critical elements for a pain management schedule
  • Production of wireframes and high fidelity mockups for mobile app user interfaces
  • Defining navigation, user workflows and layouts that focus on usability and quick access to pain mangement tools

Product Details

  • Pairs with a TENS unit and allows users to control the device’s various stimulation settings directly from their phone. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS units send stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands in order to mediate nerve related pain conditions. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Users self report their daily pain levels. This information is combined with data collected from the TENS unit to form a comprehensive health profile, which can be forwarded to the user’s doctor / therapists for further professional interpretation.
  • Provides tips about how users can also utilize secondary strategies to help mediate their chronic or acute pain (i.e. breathing exercises, physical exercises, meditation and mindfulness training)

UI/UX Design

I designed the visual components of the user interface. The cool-toned color scheme reflects the product’s aim of promoting physiological calm. Bright cool-toned accents were used to highlight the main controls and highlight important user information.

Single Project

Controls for the TENS unit are featured on the homepage, in a fixed position, for immediate access. The current date, daily reminders to log health information, articles about secondary pain management techniques, and exercise tutorials, are featured above the control in a responsive layout. The items in this section change in size and color according to the item’s importance and completion status.

Single Project

Screen 2: Sign-Up Page

Users are asked to input their name, email, and a password.

Single Project

Screen 4: Home Page

Users have access to the main TENS unit controls, or they may navigate to a more detailed controls page.

Users can also log daily pain levels, learn about secondary pain management techniques, and access their personal health profile.